Russell Market

Project Information

At the centre of the bustling, commercial hub of Shivaji Nagar is the iconic Russell Market that sells a variety of commodities including vegetables, fruits, flowers, toys, meats, and fish. The Russell Market building complex was built in parts over a span of over 60 years. The oldest part of the market is the clock tower at the centre which was built in 1820. The G+1 market is currently in a very dilapidated condition and consequently a large number of shops within the market are currently empty leading to loss of revenue. After extensive research and analysis a multi-layered strategic proposal has been arrived at to revive the historic economic centre of Russell Market, transforming it into a landmark destination.

LocationShivaji Nagar, Bengaluru
Area6000 sq.m + 1450 sq.m
Vending Area4,200 sq.m
StatusOn Hold
ClientBangalore Smart City Limited