Shaping Vibrant Cities

Jana Urban Space is a professional services social enterprise (PSSE) with a vision to transform quality of life for all through the streams of urban policy, planning and design. We are unique in three ways

  • we bring a tiered perspective of the city as a holistic spatial system composed of multiple parts of varying scale – from building, to neighbourhood, to city;
  • we are a professional organization with the heart of a social enterprise, motivated to provide the best of global design thinking and innovation without profit as a motive
  • we are uniquely equipped to work with multiple public agencies into integrated design solutions.

Our services focus on systemic processes to achieve complete change, supported by technical excellence, advocacy and integration. 

Policy & Research .

The Policy Studio’s goal is to catalyse a more thoughtful transition for a rapidly urbanising India. Urban Policy does that by examining the roots of the problem rather than its symptoms and works towards sustainable solutions and reforms. We begin with a deep understanding of challenges on the ground, which is further enhanced with testing solutions through pilots. Based upon the pilots, refinement of solutions are converted into scalable and sustainable frameworks and methodologies and presented to governments at all levels.

Urban Planning .

The Planning Studio is involved in new growth planning as well as redevelopment and revitalization of existing cities and towns. The key strategies include use + form based zoning regulations, transit design, networked design, O.N.E land zoning (Open, New, Existing land), protective heritage development, density scale, mixed income – mixed use residential options, tiered social amenities and green pocket per capita allocation. The planning studio also focusses on, integration of the 3E planning principle – of economy, equity and environment, integration of three levels of plans – regional, city and neighbourhood and most importantly the integration of community.

Urban Design .

The Urban Design studio focusses on the design and implementation of projects of great public value, to improve the liveability of our cities. The projects are divided under two buckets – road projects under the umbrella of Tender S.U.R.E, providing complete streets with organised underground utilities, uniform travel lanes, safe intersections and improved pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and other public projects that encompass everything from waterfronts, markets to parks and gardens. 

Architecture .

The Architecture and Design Studio works on affordable housing projects as well as on the transformation of public buildings such as transport hubs and markets. The focus is on quality through design and quality through  technology and methods of construction and quality through innovation.