Shirur Park Road

Project Information

Right of WayVaries from 18m to 26m
Road Length2.10km
DurationApril 2016 - December 2018
CollaboratorsHubli- Dharwad City Municpal Corporation | PWD - Hubli | HESCOM | NAPC

Based on the success of Tender SURE Phase 01, in the central business district of Bangalore, the Municipality of Hubli-Dharwad selected Shirur Park Road, a 2.19 KM stretch from Tolankere Lake (Toppallgatti Lake) to NH73 (Hubli-Dharwad Highway) to be redesigned and upgraded as per Tender SURE street design guidelines. 

The redesign of the road has transformed it from a widely varying asphalt strip with strips of dirt on either side to a 4 lane concrete road of uniform width, a landscaped median, a protected continuous cycle track, continuous footpaths, safe intersections, improved lighting, landscape inclusion and organised underground utilities. The project also included the construction of a bridge over the Unkal Nallah.

Since completion the road has seen great transformation and urban rejuvenation with several restaurants, shopping centres, offices etc choosing to open up on the road. 

Currently another 12 KM of Tender SURE roads are under construction in Hubli as part of the smart cities initiative.