S.H. 30, Sawai Madhopur

LocationSawai Madhopur
Right of WayVaries from 13M to 30 M
Road Length1.5 KM
DurationJune 2015 - March 2016
ClientUrban Improvement Trust, Sawai Madhopur

Project Information

Jana Urban Space prepared and submitted the masterplan for Sawai Madhopur -2035 in 2015, and it was subsequently notified in 2017. Three plan projects were identified as part of the masterplan to transform the quality of life for its citizens and convert it to a “pull city” from a “push city”.

Redeveloping 1.5 KM of the SH-30 passing through the city as per Tender S.U.R.E street design guidelines is one of the plan projects. The redesign of the road focussed on maintaining the integrity of the highway with uniform travel lanes separated by a median and providing access lanes with organised parking for slow moving traffic. The redesign also included continuous footpaths on either side of the access lanes, with a continuous row of trees to provide shade in a fairly hot city, public space and landscape inclusion, safe intersections, landmarking, and signage.