Richmond Road

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Hierarchy: Sub Arterial
RoW: Varies from 31M to 12M
Length: 2.58 Km

Richmond Road is an integral part of the historic cantonment area, and boasts Bangalore’s oldest post office. Scattered landmarks such as the Baldwin Girls’ High School, All Saints Church, Sacred Heart Church and a public space of yesterday, the Richmond Town Park render it with character and identity. Varying travel lane widths, inefficient intersections, neglected pedestrian connectivity, and haphazard underground service lines and aboveground utilities have resulted in a dismal public realm.

Redesign as per Tender SURE guidelines

Richmond Road will have 3 lanes of vehicular travel of uniform width, designated cycle lanes(1.5M wide) and pedestrian areas supported by ancillary amenities that include parking spaces, auto rickshaw stands, bus stops and vending zones designed to increase the activities and vibrancy of the street. The various institutions and public spaces on the street will support different functions by different people at different times of the day creating an enriching public realm.

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