Residency Road

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Heirarchy: Sub Arterial
RoW: Varies from 33M to 15M
Length: 1.9 Km

Steeped in History, Residency Road is named after ‘The Residency’, the home of the British Representative in the original Cantonment area. A close proximity to MG Road and the city center has seen the street develop into a busy business spine. Inconsistent vehicular road widths vary from 3 to 4 travel lanes with several old trees in the way. Discontinuous footpaths and unorganized parking further add to the chaos.

Redesign as per Tender SURE guidelines

The right of way is to be divided between the various users of the road, to create an inclusive street for all. Vehicular users will get 3 lanes of uniform width for continuous movement, cyclists will get a 1.5m wide designated lane, and footpaths will be continuous on both sides with demarcated areas for parking, vending and utilities. The underground utilities will run below the footpath preventing repetitive digging up of the roads. A continuous landscape strip will separate the motorised and non-motorised travel increasing safety.

Proposed Video

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