Residency Road

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Heirarchy: Sub Arterial
RoW: Varies from 33M to 15M
Length: 1.9 Km

Steeped in history, Residency Road is named after ‘The Residency’, the home of the British Representative in the original Cantonment area. Along with Richmond Road, it is an important traffic artery for the Central Business District of Bangalore. Prior to Tender SURE, the road suffered from inconsistent road widths which resulted in severe traffic jams. Poorly placed utilities, discontinuous footpaths and disorganized parking created further chaos, resulting in an road which was a sever pain point regardless of mode of travel.

Redesign as per Tender SURE guidelines

The right of way has been divided to accommodate 4 travel lanes of uniform width from Richmond Circle to Ashirwad Circle and 3 travel lanes of uniform width from Ashirwad Circle to Mayo Hall Junction. The street has been designed as an inclusive street for all with continuous footpaths on both sides of the road, a designated cycle track and organized on street parking. Where possible landscape strips separate the motorized and non motorized transport. As per Tender SURE guidelines, the underground utilities are organized and contained below the footpath.

Proposed Video

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