Project T.I.G.E.R

Project Information

Jana Urban Space prepared and submitted the masterplan for Sawai Madhopur -2035 in 2015, and it was subsequently notified in 2017. Three plan projects were identified as part of the masterplan to transform the quality of life for its citizens and convert it to a “pull city” from a “push city.

T.I.G.E.R (Tourism Infrastructure with Growth and Environmental Responsiveness), is one of the plan projects and is aimed at renovating the 8 KM long Ranthambore Road connecting Man Town to the Ranthambore National Park as a toursit trail.

Though Sawai Madhopur receives a lot of tourist footfalls, the tourists visit the  national park in hope of seeing the majestic tiger in its habitat and pay homage to the Ranthambore Fort, a UNESCO world heritage site and leave, providing little benefit to the town’s economy. Most of the hotels and resorts are concentrated on the Ranthambore Road, which connects the town to the park, but it suffers from poor road infrastructure and a complete lack of activity. Therefore there is nothing to excite a tourist to step out of the resort or spend another day in the town.

The T.I.G.E.R  project aims to boost the economy of the area and facilitate responsible tourism through the development of Ranthambore Road as a strong and vital tourist spine through a twofold design proposal.

Part A – Redesigning Ranthambore Road to provide a unique experience for the tourists via the Tiger Trail – a designed pedestrian and cycle path which connects various existing and proposed tourist attractions. The trail is divided into three zones, based on its proximity to the national park and designed with great sensitivity according to its context.

Part B – Introducing tourist and economic activities connected by the spine to rejuvenate the economy, re-establish the culture and preserve the ecology of the area.



LocationSawai Madhopur
Road Length8 KM
DurationMarch 2014 - April 2016
StatusDPR Complete
ClientUrban Improvement Trust, Sawai Madhopur