Pedal Podu

Chennai Mega Streets
LocationAdayar, Chennai
Project TypeCompetetive Bid
CollaboratorsGreater Chennai Corporation | ITDP
Contract Awarded to Jana Urban Space to redesign Nungambakkam as part of Chennai Mega Streets Project

Project Information

Activating Adyar by uniting different user groups and public spaces and prioritizing pedestrian and NMT movement. This would encourage a modal shift in this area that has mixed-use typology of educational institutions, residential neighbourhoods and commercial streets. Additionally also developing public spaces along the NMT loop to create destinations and pause point for people.

The aim is to create a holistic network plan that provides safe precedence for pedestrians and cyclists while streamlining traffic movement and boosting existing spatial and social interactions. This network will be strengthened with a robust system of underground utilities designed for both current and future populations providing individual property connections while connecting to the city’s larger networked infrastructure.

Project Goals

  • Promote sustainable mobility practice through a well-designed NMT corridor.
  • Foster a culture of public space utilization by creating a vibrant public realm and landmark destinations for the city.
  • Organised underground utilities and robust street infrastructure – spend once but spend right.
  • Smooth movement of traffic with well-designed roads and intersections.

Project Strategies

  • Establishing a NMT loop within Adyar to stimulate the safe movement for pedestrians and cyclist.
  • Identifying and enhancing potential public spaces to provide social and recreational destinations and/or pauses along the NMT.
  • Redesigning streets and intersections by streamlining traffic movement, incorporating integrated utilities and lighting to increase efficiency of road networks.