Panna Meena ki Baodi

Project Information

The baudis of Rajasthan are part of the traditional water ecosystem that utilized the natural contours of the land to harvest precious rainfall and recharged the ground aquifers. They are hundreds of years old and most are architectural masterpieces. The baudis represent a unique desert history that was once the life-support for the people of Rajasthan. With great beauty and science in the architecture, they reflected community ownership and responsibility. However, with the introduction of piped water and bore wells – in urban areas and increasingly in rural villages as well – these baudis have fallen into disuse and disrepair. Protecting this heritage is of utmost importance for two reasons – because they represent the history of life in the desert and also because they represent uniquely a PEOPLE’S HERITAGE. The baudis Rejuvenation and Improvement Project was taken up in 2005, by the Jaipur Municipal Corporation, under the State Urban Reforms for Rajasthan (SUARAJ) initiative. Under this project, 11 baudis in the Jaipur region were taken up for restoration work. One of these baudis – Panna Meena ka Baudi – was already under restoration work in collaboration with RUIDP. The JMC has done a commendable job of restoring 11 of the 32 baudis in the Jaipur Region. Many baudis had suffered structural damage, weathering and vandalism. All the garbage piled up in the baudis over the years was removed, the water cleaned and the structure restored in keeping with the original finishes and techniques. 

LocationAmer, Rajasthan