National Urban Spatial Planning and Development Guidelines


Project Information

The National Urban Spatial Planning Design (NUSPD) is a re-look at the way we plan our cities, towns and villages – our approach to organizing space and was submitted to the GOI1 to aid them with their amendment to the UDPFI2 guidelines. The NUSPD guidelines focus on improving the urban quality of life through developing robust spatial development plans.

NUSPD guidelines are responsive to the needs of a rapidly urbanising, modern and aspirational India . It also moves away from the technical jargon to demystify the value and utilisation of urban planning in shaping the destinies of our cities. It provides a road map to government leaders in shaping a new urban mission, with spatial planning as a centre piece of the urban development puzzle. It takes the middle ground between top-down rigidity regulated planning and completely laissez faire spontaneity. The NUSPD guidelines have been presented in three volumes with volume one meant for government leadership, volume two for the planning teams in government and volume three for integration plans of different agencies.

Project StatusComplete
Collaborators Ministry of Urban Development, GoI
DurationJanuary 2012 - January 2014