Museum Road

Tender SURE - Phase 1
LocationC B D, Bengaluru
Right of WayVaries from 15m to 30m
Road Length1.02km
DurationMarch 2014 - June 2015
ClientBangalore City Municipal Corporation / Utility Agencies / NAPC

Project Information

Museum Road is a prominent spine dotted with churches that guard the splendour of the past juxtaposed with commercial development of today. The road has several schools and colleges. It stretches from Richmond Road at Vellara junction to St. Mark’s Road at St Marks Plaza and is an important south – north connector.

Prior to the implementation of Tender SURE, the varying travel lane widths had resulted in bottlenecks that hindered smooth traffic flow with infamous traffic jams that moved inch by inch, especially during evening peak hours. The usable travel lane widths were further encroached by parked vehicles. Footpaths, where present, were poorly maintained often broken or encroached by power transformers etc.

Post Tender SURe the redesigned road has uniform travel lanes, continuous safe footpaths, designated cycle tracks, safe intersections, good lighting, safe intersections and organised underground utilities.