Museum Road

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Hierarchy: Collector
RoW: Varies from 30 M to 15M
Length: 1 Km

Museum Road is a prominent spine dotted with churches that guard the splendour of the past juxtaposed with commercial development of today. It stretches from Richmond Road at Vellara junction to St. Mark’s Road at SBI junction. The varying road width has resulted in bottlenecks that hinder traffic flow, and the foot path is discontinuous, poorly maintained and encroached by parked vehicles.

Redesign as per Tender SURE guidelines

Museum Road will have a uniform vehicular travel lane width that allows for continuous 3 lane movement at a steady speed, with no bottlenecks. The road is blessed with mature shade giving trees along its length, and the new design uses this to enhance non-motorised travel experience; Pedestrian footpaths and cycle lanes meander through the shade.

Proposed Video

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