Mumbai Mile

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Lower Parel in Mumbai was once desolate with abandoned industrial estates, but with the advent of mill redevelopment projects it is fast growing into a vibrant urban neighbourhood with a mixed landuse and a variety of activity. At the heart of this transformation is Mumbai Mile, a new vision for a 1.9 KM stretch of Senapati Bapat Marg, stretching from Mahalakshmi Racecourse to Deepak Cinema Junction.

Part A – Tender SURE

The road will be redesigned using Tender SURE guidelines to have organized underground services, a uniform vehicular right of way, continuous footpaths, well-designed street furniture, amenities, a legible way finding system and designated areas for street vending.

Part B – Place Making

Once the road is in place, the public realm of the Mumbai Mile which includes the road, the underspace of the two flyovers on the road and a 1 acre park will be designed and developed to be a new landmark for Mumbai. The Mumbai Mile is envisioned to be a vibrant public space, with varied activities through the day, a multifunctional space with events, markets and art installations that increases community participation and civic pride.
The stakeholders on this stretch of the road have come together to form a section-25 company, spear headed by the Lodha Group to generate funds to create Mumbai Mile.

Mumbai Mile Analysis Report – a summary of key findings, the data from the traffic and pedestrian surveys and Jana USP’s initial recommendations

Conceptual Design

Three Boulevards
The Central Spine
Temporal Mile

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