Lake Precinct, Project W.I.L.D

LocationSawai Madhopur
DurationOctober 2015 - March 2016
StatusDPR Complete
ClientUrban Improvement Trust

Project Information

Jana Urban Space prepared and submitted the masterplan for Sawai Madhopur -2035 in 2015, and it was subsequently notified in 2017. Three plan projects were identified as part of the masterplan to transform the quality of life for its citizens and convert it to a “pull city” from a “push city”. Project WILD – the restoration and rejuvenation of 12 KM of Lutiya Nallah as an important water body, green mobility corridor and public space was one of the plan projects. Six government owned sites were identified along the nallah to create public spaces of great value, including a sports arena, public parks, markets and a convention centre. All of them are connected via the continuous green mobility corridor along the nallah and are connected to the rest of the city via roads.
Due to natural features the nallah widens just outside of the Old Town forming a scenic lake like area with the mountains and part of the old fort wall as a backdrop . Therefore the proposal for this site is a picnic area with nature trails, gardens and areas for bird watching.