Jana Pragati Centers

Project Information

Jana Lakshmi Financial Services, started in 1999 had grown to become the largest urban micro finance institution in India with over 30 lakh customers by 2016. In 2018, it transitioned to a Jana Small Finance Bank, expanding from being a mere lending institution to the poor, to a full service financial institution. 
The underlying philosophy of the Jana Bank is to enable the dreams and aspirations of each individual in their network – from staff to customers. They encourage the articulation of each customer’s life journey so far and their dreams for the future which the bank can then help them plan for.

Jana Bank has three company owned store-fronts:

1. Jana Hub Branch – retail-liability and enterprise (medium/small) customers store front
2. Jana Centres (JC) – the retail asset store-front for emerging middle class customers
3. Jana Pragati Centres (JPC) – the community store-front 

A design manual was prepared for the design, standardization, branding and implementation of the Jana Pragati Centres. Two Jana Pragati Centres in Tavarakere and Neelasandra Bangalore were designed and executed as proof of concepts. The space included community areas for classes, a library, a small area for computer access, back offices, a pantry, a store room etc. 

LocationPan India
Area50 - 100 SQM per center
DurationJune 2014 - October 2015
ClientJana Small Finance Bank