Integrated Mobility Hub


Project Information

The Integrated Mobility Hub and the Destination Wellness Complex is envisioned to integrate the bus terminus with the underground metro (currently under construction) with improved road and pedestrian connectivity, a revitalised playground and a vibrant, transit-oriented mixed-use development. 

A new building with around 10,000 SQM of commercial and retail, located to the east of the bus terminus, will be a one stop shop for all things related to fitness and wellbeing of the human body. With improved connectivity, easy multi-modal transfers and organised parking, the centre will be an attractive location for both locals, commuters and tourists. The complex will also empower the project with a revenue generation PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) model that will offset construction, operation and maintenance costs.

LocationShivaji Nagar, Bengaluru
Site Area25,500 sq.m
DurationJanuary 2018 - Present
StatusProject Tendered Out
ClientBangalore Smart City Limited