Dharwad Saundatti Road Redevelopment

Right of WayVaries from 12 M to 26 M
Road Length2.40km
DurationApril 2016 - Present
CollaboratorsHubli- Dharwad City Municpal Corporation | KSHIP | Trinity Group

Project Information

The Dharwad-Saundatti road is dotted with residential pockets as well as commercial and mixed use developments with people using different modes of transportation through the day. There are several institutions located at the beginning of the road, a nallah at the middle and a temple / mutt campus towards the end.

The proposed design creates an inclusive road which is more than a mere route; with organised underground infrastructure, uniform vehicular travel lanes, organised parking and a safe designed space for pedestrians. The Tender S.U.R.E road focuses on striking a balance between all its users. It improves the public realm through the provision of designated vending spaces, street furniture, landscaping and enhanced street lighting. Along with the current institutional and commercial developments throughout the stretch, the Tender S.U.R.E road will not just act as a catalyst in the development but also actively support the growth along the stretch.