Brigade Road

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Heirarchy: High Street
RoW: Varies from 19 M to 14M
Length: 0.78Km

From its inception Brigade Road has been a destination road for informal activities and was for a long time the landmark High Street of Bangalore. Today it has steadily declined, losing its status to newer roads in an urban sprawl. Despite the decline, it remains a graceful contemporary street interspersed with remnants of the British past and houses some of the top international brand stores and restaurants of every cuisine.
Brigade Road can still reclaim its landmark status with the right kind of urban rejuvenation and attention to design detail.
Brigade Road is generally perceived in two sections; the stretch from MG road to Residency road is the segment popularly considered as Brigade Road and houses the shops, pubs, cinemas and restaurants and is packed with shoppers and revellers. The second segment starts from the War Memorial Junction and connects to Castle Street Junction.
Increased vehicular movement and undue importance for parking have pushed pedestrian activities to the very edges of the road, threatening the very life of the street.

Redesign as per Tender SURE guidelines

To rejuvenate Brigade road as a pedestrian-friendly, landmark spine of Bangalore, the first segment between MG Road to War Memorial Junction is designed as a seamless paved street with rich textures and components. Since the road forms an important vehicular link between MG Road and Museum Road, a minimal vehicular travel lane width is provided, ensuring traffic connectivity without obstructing ease of pedestrian movement. Existing on-street parking is reorganized to a parallel parking system to maximize pedestrian space. The gradual slope of the street towards War Memorial Junction has been enhanced by a play of levels creating active gathering spaces along the road. The segment from War Memorial Junction to Museum Road has institutional, office and commercial buildings, which are accessed by all types of urban road users. The design responds to this with an inclusive street segment providing travel opportunities for all with three lanes for vehicular travel, a 1.5m wide cycle track and a 2m wide footpath on either side of the vehicular travel lane.

Proposed Video

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