Bengaluru Smart Cities, TENDER S.U.R.E

LocationCentral Business District, Bengaluru
Right of WayVaries from 10 M to 30 M
Road Length30 km
DurationMarch 2019 - Present
StatusOngoing - Under Construction
ClientBangalore Smart Cities Ltd

Project Information

30 KM of  roads were selected to be redeveloped as per Tender SURE street design guidelines in the historic heart of the city, as part of the smart cities proposal for Bengaluru. The re-design of these roads will provide uniform travel lanes, safe continuous footpaths, designated cycle tracks, safe intersections, improved last mile connectivity to public transport, organised underground utilities contained within the footpath as well as organised parking, vending, and public space and landscape inclusion where possible.

The roads are currently under construction and connect to completed Tender S.U.R.E roads, several metro stations, bus stops, educational institutes, landmarks and once complete will result in one of the most walkable and cycle-able city centres in the country.  

Key Intersections


Construction Photos