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Project Tender SURE is all about getting the urban road right; about addressing the issues that have made Indian roads so notorious for their chaotic traffic , potholes, broken footpaths, overflowing drainage,poorly placed power transformers and their hanging, spaghetti tangle of electrical wiring and telecom fixtures. It's about breaking out of the never-ending cycle of temporary fixes that arise from inadequate design and poorly monitored construction efforts. It's about doing away with the ever growing budgetary expenditure on digging and repairing the same roads time and time again whilst never managing to actually enhance the quality of the infrastructure itself, nor the experiences of those who use it;. It's about finally taking steps towards addressing the relationship between the quality condition of our streets, and the quality of our lives.

Tender SURE (Specifications for Urban Roads Execution), 2011 : Publication containing guidelines on India's first design, specifications, and procurement contract, for urban roads execution. Tender SURE road standards mandate the integration of networked services under the road – water, sewage, power, OFC, gas, and storm water drains. The design of Tender SURE roads prioritises the comfort and safety of pedestrians and cyclists, as well as recognizes the needs of street vendors and hawkers. Tender SURE also combines street landscape and hardscape aesthetics with practical considerations of user behavioral change. In 2012, the budget allocation by Government of Karnataka, to implement Tender SURE for 20 pilot roads was pushed through. Jana Urban Space Foundation has completed design and working drawings for 12 of these roads.