Walton Road

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Advocacy and Public Participation

Pilot Projects – The redevelopment and redesign of two streets- Vittal Mallya Road and Walton Road, spear headed the Tender Sure movement. These two successful projects were completed as a collaborative effort between various stakeholders, the government and Jana USP proving that Bangalore can break out of the chaos and woes that plague our urban roads and strive to become a world city.

The BBMP had plans of redoing Lavelle Road and Walton Road in 2010. Jana USP seized the opportunity to make a difference and redesigned the 380M stretch that was Walton Road. The unique thing about this project was the extent of public participation. The residents on the street were involved in decision making; several design options were made and discussed till the most favourable one was chosen for construction.

Today Walton Road has a uniform travel lane width, organised parking, signage and a continuous footpath with a landscape strip and good urban lighting. It is a street that one can feel proud to live on, one which has the charm of old Bangalore, whilst embracing a new urban identity.

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