TENDER S.U.R.E - Jana Urban Space Foundation (Formerly India Urban Space Foundation)


TENDER S.U.R.E (Specifications for Urban Roads Execution), 2011 :
Publication of guidelines on India’s first design, specifications, and procurement contract, for urban roads execution. Tender S.U.R.E. road standards mandate the integration of the networked services under the road – water, sewage, power, OFC, gas, and storm water drains. The design of Tender S.U.R.E. roads prioritise the comfort and safety of pedestrians and cyclists, as well as recognize the need of street vendors and hawkers. Tender S.U.R.E. also combines street landscape and hardscape aesthetics with practical considerations of user behavioral change.2012, budget allocation by GoK, to implement Tender S.U.R.E for 20 pilot roads.  Jana Urban Space Foundation has completed design and working drawings for 12 of these roads.


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