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Fixing City roads by Design

Our roads are more than just pathways for motorised vehicles – roads are an integral part of any urban infrastructure, and are meant to serve the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and street vendors as well as all forms of motorised transport. And that’s just what you can see on the ground. Underneath the ground, roads are also conduits for a host of public services that directly impact the quality of life of every urban dweller, such as sewage, stormwater, piped water, electrical cables, gas, and optical fibre cables.

Tender SURE is a set of standards for road design that not only provides for a more equitable allocation of the right of way and an orderly system of pathways for laying services below the ground, but also lays out guidelines for proper maintenance and upkeep, so that any improvements undertaken would have a lasting impact on citizens’ quality of life.

The Government of Karnataka 2012-2013 State budget allocated Rs. 200 crores for 25 Tender SURE model roads in Bangalore.


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