NUSPD'13, Volume I: Report

NUSPD’13, Volume I: Report

National Urban Spatial Planning Design Guidelines (NUSPD) is a programme by the Ministry of Urban Development that focusses on improving the urban quality of life through developing robust spatial development Plans. The guidelines approach to spatial planning takes the middle ground between top-down rigidly regulated planning and completely laissez faire spontaneity. The NUSPD has been presented in three volumes comprising of a Report, Code Book and Data Book.

Volume 1 consists of the report of the inter-ministerial committee that was created by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) in 2010. It has eleven chapters and includes in the Annexures, the Model Spatial Planning and Development (SPD) Act.

NUSPD'13, Volume 2: Code Book

NUSPD’13, Volume 2: Code Book

The Code Book provides recommended normative standards. Built around the Planning Framework, the recommendations are linked to key development drivers against the themes under the three planning principles of Environment, Economy, and Equity. The recommendations are both concrete benchmarks and less concrete policy pointers. Every effort has been made to find appropriate case study examples, to find, evaluate, and adapt existing norms from across the world. These have been referenced for further reading as desired. Some successful planning concepts practiced globally have been described, key amongst them the use of “transect” sectors for form-based zoning guidance.

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