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Odisha – Spatial Mapping

Jana USP undertook the data gathering, city visits, site surveying, mapping, digitizing, conceptualizing, detailing for four cities in Odisha. The planning region is endowed with many historical and religious assets – built and natural – from as early as the 3rd century BC, and contains over 1000 of India’s finest temples.

Bhubaneshwar: Ratha road was identified as a development project and undertaken for design and detailing due to the presence of both tangible as well as intangible heritage.

Puri: The Temple of Lord Jagannath forms the centre of Puri with eight Sahis or colonies radiating outwards from it. The proposed planning area for Puri includes its Municipal area and 16 villages of Puri Sadar area. Jana USP has mapped and analysed the growth and challenges of Puri at a cadestral level.

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