Cunningham Road

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Hierarchy: Collector
RoW: Varies from 14M to 12M
Length: 1.54 Km

Cunningham Road is predominantly commercial with retail, restaurants, a hospital, and a smattering of offices and residences. It is a street that is busy through the day, a frequently travelled route between Indian Express Junction and Sankey Road. Absence of footpaths makes this road a nightmare for pedestrians, and the steady stream of traffic makes it impossible to cross. There is no bus bay, and every evening a crowd of commuters dodge vehicular traffic while waiting for their bus home. Cunningham Road is a trying road to travel in, an uncomfortable experience regardless of the mode of travel.

Redesign as per Tender SURE guidelines

The chaos of Cunningham Road will disappear with an equitable distribution of the right of way. A uniform two lane vehicular travel lane, designated wide pedestrian footpaths, cycle lanes, landscape strips, organized parking, utilities and vending areas will make it a pleasant road to stroll by, window shop, have a cup of coffee and go about one’s daily business. The existing land use, thoughtfully placed landscape features, and vending zones will enhance its quality as public realm.

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