Cunningham Road

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The first part of Cunningham Road  is a vibrant commercial spine with retail, restaurants, a hospital, and a smattering of offices and residences. It is a street that is busy through the day, and an important North – South connector, especially for buses. The redesign of the road as per Tender SURE guidelines has allowed for an equitable distribution of the right of way in an effort to mitigate the chaos that was present on the road.  Three vehicular travel lanes of uniform width have been provided from Balekundri Circle to the junction of Millers Road. Of these one lane is proposed to be a shared lane for buses and cyclists. Organized on-street parking has been provided for the entire length of the road with a designated bus bay and auto-rickshaw parking. Continuous footpaths on both sides of the road are separated from vehicular traffic via landscape strips. The second part of Cunningham Road from Millers Road to Palace road is partly commercial and partly residential and has been re-designed with two travel lanes of uniform width and continuous footpaths.

Both segments of the road have been provided with organized underground utilities contained and accessible from the footpaths.

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