Commissariat Road

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Hierarchy: Local
RoW: Varies from 22M to 12M
Length: 0.66 Km

Commissariat Road runs between two important junctions: Mayo Hall at MG Road and D’Souza Circle at Richmond Road. Scattered landmarks, the football stadium, landmark shopping malls, Ashoknagar Police Station amongst others make this a very intriguing street, with a wide variety of users and uses. The right of way has been poorly distributed with vehicle users getting priority, leaving the others to clamber and fight for the leftover space.

Redesign as per Tender SURE guidelines

Commissariat Road will cater to its diverse users with 3 lanes assigned for vehicular travel, wide footpaths, 1.5M wide cycle tracks on both sides of the road, bus bays, landscaped areas, utility strips and organized parking for private vehicles and auto rickshaws (intermediate public transport).

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