Brookings, Unlocking the Value of Land

Brookings, Unlocking the Value of Land

Unlocking the potential of urban land values is emerging as an alternative mainstream approach to financing infrastructure development in developing nations. This complex, challenging and often controversial approach offers a huge opportunity not just to raise financial resources, but also emerge as a vehicle to enable planned urban growth.

‘Making Cities Work for Growth Project’, at the Wolfensohn Center for Development at The Brookings Institution, and Jana Urban Space Foundation, jointly organised an intensive and structured dialogue at the national level to deep-dive into the issues and challenges involved in leveraging land values for financing infrastructure, in partnership with the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India; IDFC Ltd. and National Institute of Urban Affairs.

The conference titled “Unlocking Urban Land Values for Infrastructure Finance” was the first of its kind intense policy debate on this subject, that captured diverse national and international experience and perspectives. To learn more about this conference – its theme, participation, issues and outcomes, and access related presentations.

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