Bangalore Master Plan – Citizen Feed Back 2005

Bangalore Master Plan – Citizen Feed Back 2005

Jana Urban Space organized two meetings to discuss the proposed draft CDP – 2005 -2015 for Bangalore. The first meeting included grass root leaders, CBO’s and team members from AVAS. An elaborate power point presentation highlighting the salient features of the essay writing help CDP and its impact on the urban poor was prepared and presented by Anita Reddy, AVAS. The views arising from the discussions by this group reflects the demands of grass root leaders from the urban poor communities in Bangalore.

The second meeting had essay writing help representatives from different NGO’s and the various Panchayats that fell within the footprint of the proposed CDP who deliberated on the draft CDP with the information presented on the power point stimulating the discussions.

The outcome of the both the meetings were recorded by Jana USP and submitted to the BDA and the state government suggesting a revision of the CDP to be more “comprehensive” and inclusive” of the urban poor and slum communities.

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