Urban Development Professional

Designation: Urban Development Professionals
Location: Bangalore
Experience 0-3 Years (Associate), 3-5 Years (Advanced Associate), 10+ Years (Senior)

Jana Urban Space Foundation (Jana USP) is a Professional Services Social Enterprise (PSSE), delivering transformational, world-class work on the spatial dimension of cities. Jana USP’s work is focused primarily on PRACTICE – the execution of projects that deliver this transformational experience on-the-ground.  Such practice work is carried out in three studios: Urban Planning; Urban Design; and Inclusive Architecture. Over the years, Jana USP has also taken up several policy and reforms initiatives, related to spatial aspects of Urban Planning and Urban Design of Indian cities, with a view to address many policy, institutional and operational bottlenecks in these areas. Jana USP is a not-for-profit entity. 

Jana USP is part of the JANA Group – one of India’s best-known groups of social enterprises working towards the mission of fixing India’s cities. The group presently works across citizen participation and city governance reforms (through Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy), city planning and design (through Jana Urban Space Foundation), Municipal Consulting services (through Jana Urban Services for Transformation Pvt. Ltd.) banking and financial services for the urban poor (through Jana Small Finance Bank) and affordable housing for the urban poor (through Janaadhar). 

We are looking for highly passionate and competent individuals to be a part of an exciting project on 15-minute cities, across a range of experience levels.

We offer a dynamic, driven and vibrant work environment for professionals who are passionate about investing their time, skill sets, and energy to transform quality of life in India’s cities.  If interested, read the details provided below and reach out to us at work@janausp.org with your profile and “Application – Urban Development Professional” as the subject line.

The Opportunity

The Associates will be an integral part of our urban design team, working closely to deliver impactful solutions in active mobility, public transit network, and public space development. This involves quantitative and qualitative analysis, which includes analysing existing data and gaining insights through stakeholder interviews, building positive relationships with the client and working closely with multiple stakeholders.
In addition, the following will be the key responsibilities:

The Associates will work closely with the urban design team on various tasks and responsibilities. These may include conducting literature reviews, collecting and analysing data, participating in research meetings and presentations, creating design concepts and presentations, participating in site visits and meetings, supporting the team in project development and implementation, and liaising with government agencies. The Associates will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and learn about different aspects of the project, including design, project planning, and stakeholder and community engagement. The Associates will be able to engage with and learn from experts in the field, and contribute to real-time projects that have a positive impact on urban spaces.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture / design / planning / engineering or other relevant programs. The roles change with the increase in years of experience (Associate – 0-3 Years, Advanced Associate – 3-5 Years, Senior Associate – 10+Years.) Master’s degree or equivalent in urban design/urban planning / environment / public policy, or other directly relevant fields, but with past experience or interest in public space design may also apply.
  • Strong preference for those working in the urban development space, engaging with senior stakeholders in government/civil society/think tanks.
  • Strong research, and documentation skills, and strong project management skills with a sharp focus on high-quality, timely execution with high performance teams.
  • Strong analytical abilities, both qualitative and quantitative. 
  • Proficiency in concise communication, making presentations, and data analysis with attention to detail

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