Temporal Mile

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Temporal Mile – In this design alternative, the public space celebrates the temporal nature of change. On a business as usual scenario it is designed to dispel traffic efficiently with public space contained under the flyover. On weekends and designated days the public realm expands and the traffic lanes reduce allowing for different uses of the same space.

Scenario A – On a weekday the expected activity is contained to the space under the flyover with a priority to allow for continuous and maximum vehicular traffic. The flyover under space in this zone is envisioned as a high activity area with various levels of vending from cafes to pushcarts. On weekends and designated times during other days one at grade travel lane on either side is to become part of the public realm. Once a month or on special days all four travel lanes at grade become part of the public realm to create and celebrate a festive day.The flyover underspace in this case becomes part of a larger plaza that hosts events melas, concerts and street markets.

Scenario D – It is recommended that one day every year be dedicated as a Mumbai Mile Day. The entire Mile including the flyovers would turn pedestrian hosting a wide variety of events ranging from competitions to concerts, a city wide festival

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