The Central Spine

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The Central Spine – a focus on creating a grand public space fashioned as a plaza down the length of the mile. To achieve this, the road alignment circumvents the flyover resulting in a wide plaza.

Raised intersection with symbolic entrance – The intersection at Mahalakshmi is proposed as a raised paved intersection which puts pedestrians and vehicles at an equal footing, creating a safer public realm. The alignment of the Senapati Bapat Marg has been re-designed to create an efficient intersection with adequate turning radii. The raised intersection creates a pause point, with a landmark signifying the entry to the Mile.

Art and Exhibition Zone – The central spine is characterized by a wide plaza which allows for continuous walk ways that connect the various zones of activity, the flyover runs through the plaza allowing for a play with height.The art zone is envisioned in two levels. At ground level a stone pathway traverses through a pebble bed with water features and a sculpture garden A 3M wide ramp leads upto an elevated walkway that doubles up as an art gallery Filigreed metal screens form the walls of the gallery which can exhibit art work at times and allow for an interesting play of light and framed views of the Mile at other times.

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