Three Boulevards

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Three Boulevards – designed as three wide public corridors, two footpaths and a central boulevard in the middle – which together create a vibrant pedestrian and public realm. The corridors are tied together with a play with levels and continuous landscaping

Demarcated vending zones along the length of the central boulevard can accommodate both existing as well as new vendors. A variety of levels allow for street vending as well as cafes catering to diverse groups. The street vending zone is a sunken plaza with fixed vending platforms, with informal stepped seating, and characteristic lighting.

The section of the road between the two flyovers currently supports 8 lanes of traffic with many directions of movement, resulting in complete chaos and a nightmarish pedestrian realm. A proposed pedestrian bridge provides for safe pedestrian movement above and 6 lanes of vehicular traffic to move unhindered below. The wide over bridge is a sculptural focal point on the Mile and is envisioned to be a public space with enhanced views of the upcoming skyline.

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