Brunton Road

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Hierarchy: Sub Local
RoW: Varies from 18M to 10M
Length: 0.48Km

Brunton Road is a sub local that runs between MG road and Richmond Road. A proximity to MG Road has ensured that this road is part of the city core with a mixed land use, a spattering of commercial buildings at the junctions with the rest of the street being predominantly residential. Mature trees line the street providing shade to the users.
Wide vehicular travel lanes have left poorly maintained narrow strips that house the trees and utilities forcing pedestrians to walk on the travel lane.

Redesign as per Tender SURE guidelines

The vehicular travel lanes are reduced to accommodate 2 lanes of continuous traffic, and the footpaths are widened to create an enjoyable pedestrian experience under the shade of the existing trees, with allocated areas for utilities that would not hinder movement.

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